My Mission

My mission is to help people identify root causes that have laid the foundation of experiences in their lives. Whether we review past lives, or current situations,  clarity helps us achieve real change with new perspectives. When truths are illuminated, deep healing and freedom of life's suffering and conflicts can begin.


From contemporary to fringe topics, we're bridging the gap between science, medicine, healing and spirituality. with people all across the globe who are making a difference in the lives of others; true Visionaries- Teachers, Researchers, Scientists, Spiritual Masters, Healers, Authors, Pioneers in human and planetary healing and much more!

Meta Visionaries Radio

  • Psychic Consultations
  • Mediumship (After Death Communication)
  • Medical Intuitive Assessments
  • Palmistry
  • Animal Totem Assessments
  • Spirit Guide Reconnection
  • Gifted/Sensitive Children Family Plans
  • Dream Interpretations
  • Guided Meditations
  • Personalized Workshops

What is Interpersonal Energy Communication?

It is a language using energy beyond our five physical senses to communicate with each other, our higher self, nature and Spirit.  This is a language that accesses the electromagnetic spectrum and human energy fields to interact non-physically and non-verbally. This is commonly referred through terms such as psychic aptitude, spiritual sensitivity and extra-sensory perception.

We all have it. We all use it. It is the most natural part of who and what we are. But not all of us are aware of it. So I have spent nearly two decades researching and disciplining many methods of it so I can help others access and use it too.

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