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Life, Love, and Friendship never die.

Are you wanting to receive messages from your departed loved ones in Spirit?  Book your private phone, Skype or email session with Debbie today, and discover what your loved ones have to say!

Are you wanting to develop your Mediumship ability? Debbie offers in-depth and personalized workshops to people all across the world. Individual and group workshops are available by phone, Skype, and in-home galleries!

"While some people believe that Mediumship ability is something we're either born with, or we're not, the truth is, we ALL have the ability to hear, see, feel, and know messages being sent to us from the other side. Are you ready to develop your ability? Because the truth is, you've probably been receiving messages from Spirit all along. So let's work together to help you identify how."

 Our DNA is comprised of Photons of Light. We are the new generation of HomoLuminous Beings; Beings of Light. And we are here to create great changes for Humanity.

Are you wanting to receive insight through a Psychic reading? Book your private phone, Skype or email session with Debbie today, and discover what Spirit has to say for you!

Are you wanting to develop your Psychic ability? Debbie offers in-depth and personalized workshops to people all across the world. Individual and group workshops are available by phone, Skype, and in-home galleries!

"We are all Psychic! We are all equipped with the innate ability to communicate with one another and our environment using a language of energy beyond the viel of our five physical senses.Recognizing our own unique strengths in which we are most receptive and perceptive Psychically is the key.  How do you interact energetically most often? Are you Precognitive? Do you know future events before they happen? Are you Empathic? Do you take on the pains and emotions of others? Are you Telepathic? Can you hear the thoughts and know the intentions of other people? It's time to find out what you're really capable of, so let's get started today!"

Psychic Readings typically pertain to topics such as Personal Relationships, Finance/Career, Health, Family, Soul Path and Life Path. I use a system of remote viewing in which I connect to each person's energy fields both within and around their body, and address what draws my attention most. Information from the past, present or future may be accessed. I don't require any information up front about a person or situation to receive important messages or answers. My intention is to offer as much detailed information as possible to...

During a Mediumship (After Death Communication) reading, a whole lot needs to happen energetically between myself and those who have crossed over in order for a reading to be successful. Vibrationally, there must be an alignment between us in order for a connection to be established and maintained, so that a conversation can take place. Typically, I raise my vibration, they lower theirs, and we meet in the middle for a conversation. This conversation is conducted through the exchange of energy transmissions which occur through Claircognizance (Clear Knowing), Clairsentience (Clear Feeling), Clairaudience (Clear Hearing) and Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing). A simple way to describe this experience, is like recalling a memory that is not my own and in order to keep communication, we must both stay focused and attentive to the memory we are experiencing. It is also similar to the...

Medical Intuitive Assessments are offered as a compass, and guidance system, for those seeking detailed information about their health, wellness, and vitality. I use a system of remote viewing to assess information within and around a persons energy fields including Chakra's (energy centers within the body), and Auric Field (12 layered energy field around the body). These energy fields are comprised of electric and magnetic fields. These fields, as they oscillate, radiate signatures or pulses of energy that are created and projected by emotional, biological, spiritual, and physical projections. These projections are what...

During a Palmistry Reading, I focus in on 4 main areas of interest; The Life Line, Head Line, Heart Line and Fate Line. I also focus in on 5 other areas of the palm to offer a detailed analysis of the past, present, and future. I offer two types of Palm Readings. A detailed analysis of the right palm, or a detailed comparison of both the right palm and left palm. In tradition, the right palm is said to be a reflection of the life you're living now. The left palm is said to be a reflection of past lives you've lived before. Using both palms as a comparison offers...

During an Animal Totem Reading,  I connect with our Sacred Mother Earth and Nature and ask Animal Messengers to come for the person I am doing a reading for. Each Animal Messenger, by its presence alone, becomes the messages delivered. Each Animal has its own behavior, habitat, traits, strengths, and weaknesses. There is much we can learn about ourselves through Nature. Typically 2-5 Animal Messengers will appear in a reading that can teach us a lot...

During a Spirit Acitivty Assessment, I use a system of Remote Viewing to look into each residence, geographic area, or physical location that is suspect of having paranormal/Spirit activity. I do not use equipment to capture evidence of activity, or to provide proof of my findings. My process requires multiple steps of identifying exactly what people are experiencing so that a solution can be found. In especially urgent situations, I offer...