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Do you need psychic insight to help you in your situation. You will receive detailed answers to your questions within this reading. No BS! No generalized basic answer. Tailored just to you. My intent is to provide as much tangible information as possible to help you navigate your situation going forward. Please choose your email reading type from the drop down menu.


Confidential in depth readings average 2000-2500 words but could extend longer depending on how much information comes through for you.


Expect your reading within 48 hours of submitting your order through PDF format to the email address you have on file with your order. My sending email is Please check your spam folder if you have not received your reading within the expected delivery time. If I do get backlogged, I will notify you if there is an unintentional delay. You will be kept in the loop along the way. If you are outside of the USA, please allow flexibility with expected completion time due to time zone differences.


Once you add this to your cart, please tell me your first name ONLY, gender, and age in a follow up email to No persons under the age of 18 will be eligible for a reading. Do not give me your birth date. I am not an astrologer, nor do I utilized astrological charts to do your reading. (Helpful tip: Only astrologers should be asking for birth dates to conduct a reading. A Psychic will NOT need that information to tune into you.) Please enter questions related to the type of email reading you have chosen, and I will be happy to get started!


I use a system of remote viewing in which I connect to your energy fields both within and around you, and address what draws my attention most. Information from the past, present or future may be accessed. At times I will also work one on one with your guides in Spirit to assist in the process to deliver the messages you are meant to receive. Please note: I do not use Tarot, Runes, Oracle Cards, Oija, Pendulums, or any other divination tools to do your reading. Your information is kept private. Your reading is kept confidential, and conducted with the utmost professionalism.



Psychic Readings typically pertain to topics such as Personal Relationships, Finance/Career, Health, Family, Soul Path and Life Path. I use a system of remote viewing in which I connect to each persons energy fields both within and around their body, and address what draws my attention most. Information from the past, present or future may be accessed. I don't require any information up front about a person or situation to receive important messages or answers. My intention is to offer as much detailed information as possible to help people make clear decisions for their future. Sensitive information may surface in the process. Taking notes is recommended! Important information can be overlooked or lost during a session, especially with future-based references. Most of all, it's important to keep an open mind which creates a free flowing channel for information to come through.


During a Mediumship (After Death Communication) reading, a whole lot needs to happen energetically between myself and those who have crossed over in order for a reading to be successful. Vibrationally, there must be an alignment between us in order for a connection to be established and maintained, so that a conversation can take place. Typically, I raise my vibration, they lower theirs, and we meet in the middle for a conversation. This conversation is conducted through the exchange of energy transmissions which occur through Claircognizance (Clear Knowing), Clairsentience (Clear Feeling), Clairaudience (Clear Hearing) and Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing). A simple way to describe this experience, is like recalling a memory that is not my own and in order to keep communication, we must both stay focused and attentive to the memory we are experiencing. It is also similar to the process of how the mind develops a scene while reading a book. The longer we can hold our attention to the experience, the more information can be exchanged. Each departed soul communicates a little differently. Some souls like to focus more on factual based information to identify themselves. They will reference the past, present and future through important names, dates, events, and milestones. Some souls communicate more empathically; delivering messages that are deeply emotional rather than fact-based. Empathic Mediumship is a common form of communication in newly departed souls, or those still working towards healing and recovery in the Afterlife. Souls experience many vibrations of awareness during their transition and existence in the Afterlife. Where souls are on their journey of transition often determines how they come through, when they come through, and if they come through. It is not uncommon for a soul to come through incredibly strong with a lot to say in one reading, but make very little connection in another. The departed often come through during holidays, anniversaries or special milestone dates as a way to express their love, gratitude, friendship, guidance and connection to the family and friends still here who share those special memories with them.

Taking notes during a Mediumship reading is essential. There is often a small percentage of important information that is acknowledged but invalidated during the time of the reading. This is because either the information can only be validated by another family member or friend, or, it is future based, and can only be validated at a later time. They do this to include others who cannot be part of the process, and also show that they are still with us, love us, and see what is happening in our lives.

Sometimes, a departed loved one will speak on behalf of another that has passed on if they cannot be present, or, if they have not yet acquired the skill and strength to communicate with the Medium yet. A common misperception about the Afterlife is the assumption that all Spirits automatically know how, when and where to come through when the living asks for and desires it. Departed loved ones must also acquire the skill of Mediumship in order to successfully communicate with those still on earth. It is a process of development for them just like it is for us. This is, in part, why the departed cannot come through immediately following their death. Other factors that could affect or postpone a successful Mediumship reading are levels of grief of the bereaved, unhealthy skepticism, physical illness, or drugs and alcohol.

As with any session, please do not volunteer information that could be used to identify the person that has died. It is up to the departed to identify themselves and offer validating information. Any information volunteered cannot be used in a session.


Medical Intuitive Assessments are offered as a compass, and guidance system, for those seeking detailed information about their health, wellness, and vitality. I use a system of remote viewing to assess information within and around a persons energy fields including Chakra's (energy centers within the body), and Auric Field (12 layered energy field around the body). These energy fields are comprised of electric and magnetic fields. These fields, as they oscillate, radiate signatures or pulses of energy that are created and projected by emotional, biological, spiritual, and physical projections. These projections are what I focus in on to detect and assess dis-ease, illness, or imbalance. Please note, I am not a medical professional. For further examination, please seek a medical professional.


Not all Spirits are the Same. Not all Spirits are familiar. Not all Spirits are Human. And not all Spirits are friendly.  I use a system of Remote Viewing to look into each residence, geographic area, or physical location that is suspect of having paranormal/Spirit activity. I do not use equipment to capture evidence of activity, or to provide proof of my findings. My process requires multiple steps of identifying exactly what people are experiencing so that a solution can be found. In especially urgent situations, I offer my services free of charge.

I have spent years sensitizing myself to be able to detect hot spots, cold spots and multiple types of Spirits and Entities operating within a physical space. The system of Remote Viewing I use, helps me access and detect energetic interference, activity, and movement far outside of the normal range of human awareness that is typically limited to a very narrow band of  energy within the visible light spectrum. I do not need to be physically present in a walk-through in order to assess the activity within the location in question. This gives us a unique advantage of being able to do an assessment remotely.

It is integral that each family or individual seeking this kind of assessment is absolutely part of the process of reclaiming their physical space, especially if there has been evidence or a  history of violence, long standing misfortune, or illness, directly related to the activity. Investigations yield answers. But it is only a temporary relief unless measures are taken to successfully cleanse the space. Each type of activity or Spirits involved, required different proactive measures in order to achieve balance, order and harmony between our physical world and other realm. We must become empowered with the knowledge of self protection, and be willing to enforce it personally, for long lasting effective results. I am an advocate of teamwork, and integrity. Investigations can harm or help a family's situation and must be handled with great care. My intent and actions are NEVER to provoke, encourage, or ask for a demonstration from ANY Spirit to make itself present while in the process of doing an assessment! My intent to identify exactly what type of Spirit a family has been interacting with, and the level of threat it has caused, and determine what actions are required from that point on.

Something most people don't expect to hear is that Spirit activity is typically experienced, and heightened by, people who are sensitive and have abilities. It is also common that in each location of high levels of paranormal activity, especially with physical disturbances and poltergeist occurrences, that living people are, in part, the cause. Sensitive people with abilities, who have an extraordinarily high vibrational frequency of electric energy, will often influence and affect their environment physically, without being aware of it, or without touching anything. I refer to this as Telekinetic discharge, Telekinesis, or, Psychokinesis. Not all activity is as it seems. And not all activity is generated by those outside of the Earth Plane.

Every situation has a solution.


Can be conducted both via phone or email readings. During an Animal Totem Reading, I connect with our Sacred Mother Earth and Nature, and ask Animal Messengers to come for the person I am doing a reading for. Each Animal Messenger, by its presence alone, becomes the messages delivered. Each Animal has its own behavior, habitat, traits, strengths and weaknesses. There is much we can learn about ourselves through Nature. Typically 2-5 Animal Messengers will appear in a reading that can teach us a lot about our current situations and challenges. As with every Animal in nature, there is a counter to balance them. If a predatory Animal comes through in a reading, it's also equally important to study it's prey to understand what part of the cycle of life is being emphasized at the time. And vice versa; if a prey Animal comes through in a reading, it's equally important to study it's predators to understand what parts of the cycle of life is being emphasized at the time.


During a house blessing, I'll go in to the residence, place of business, or property and work with the family to fully cleanse and clear the space of any negativity or unwanted energy. That energy could be spirit activity, entities, EMF (electromagnetic) debris, and low vibrational energy. Each house blessing includes a full spirit activity assessment to determine what type of energies are in the space, and a custom cleansing is tailored to each situation. Common cleansing includes a full smudge, ceremonial ritual of protection, gridding the space with activated gems and crystals, and salting the perimeter. Remaining smudge and ritual items, along with full instructions, are left with the family to continue the steps of protection and cleansing after I leave. House blessings are performed within reasonable proximity of my location. Please inquire within if you are needing a cleansing. If I am too far away, we can discuss options on how to help you remotely. 


Available by phone or email. What does your dream mean? Dreams are wonderfully inter-laden with many cryptic messages from our subconscious self to help us receive messages we need to know. Some dreams are emotional release dreams, which help us process difficult situations in new ways. Some dreams include visitations from our loved ones that have passed, or people we've shared a connection with who are still living. Some dreams are prophetic, showing us the future. And some dreams are direct messages given to us from our guides in Spirit. My intent is to help you decipher, in great detail, what you dream can mean for you, and how you can utilize the information given to you going forward.


Palmistry sessions are available in person only

​​During a Palmistry Reading, I focus in on 4 main areas of interest; The Life Line, Head Line, Heart Line and Fate Line. I also focus in on 5 other areas of the palm to offer a detailed analysis of the past, present, and future. I offer two types of Palm Readings. A detailed analysis of the right palm, or a detailed comparison of both the right palm and left palm. In tradition, the right palm is said to be a reflection of the life you're living now. The left palm is said to be a reflection of past lives you've lived before. Using both palms as a comparison offers insight into how you've grown, developed, changed, and made different choices in this life, compared to past lives. Please note that Palm Readings are only offered in person. Photographs do not generate a clear or detailed enough image for analysis.